The Booming development of NFT (Non-Fungible Token) technology and products open up great opportunities for investors.

The recent years have seen growing volumes of capital flow into Non-Fungible Tokens, both as a way to increase wealth through speculation and as a way to invest in an emerging market, which in the future will connect Blockchain technology with traditional markets, so these are indeed exciting times and time for visionaries to make their place in history.

For individual investors, the great variety of opportunities in the NFT market can be daunting, which entails risk of losing assets or worse still missing opportunities due to the lack of access to undervalued assets.

Looking at the traditional economy, it is evident that it is driven by growing business. In other words, “value” or “investment growth” is created due to business activity. Invested capital can grow only via business project growth.

Any other source of growth is merely an intermediary stage in a transaction between the money owner and the business that generates capital growth.

But the NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a product based object which makes it easier to define the “product’s” target group and goals; and It is here that nDAD (nftDAD) Token is the solution, for sound investment in this emerging market.


  • The nDAD Token will be a ERC20 Token on the Ethereum Blockchain.
  •  It`s will be the first nft dividend Token of its kind
  • The dividend is based on the Turnover of sales in Digital Art Dealers.
  • 20% of the Turnover will be paid out in dividends to Token holders each quarter.
  • 25 % of the turnover of sales in Digital Art Dealers and DAD Superior will be invested in   NFT related projects or products, increasing the intrinsic value of the token through a collective NFT fund.

nDAD token is unique in so many ways and we feel we have created something special in the token market that has not been done before in this space.  We are really excited about this as Dividend paying tokens have never been done before in the NFT space and we are going to pioneer a new way in which you can earn money from tokens through dividends, compared to the traditional way by developing strong token economics within the nDAD Token.


nDAD Token will be managed as an Investment Fund in NFTs.  The diversification will be investments in multiple NFT related projects and products.

A major part of the investment strategy is to enter projects BEFORE they launch to the public.

This strategy has several advantages:

  • The best option in terms of return within any given project.
  • Possible preferential exit rights.
  • Means to increase investment in a project through favourable options for additional purchase of shares or tokens at pre-launch prices.

In the standard ITO or launch process, it is clearly seen that investing at the earliest stages yields the highest returns.


For the investors the Company will distribute 100% of the 20 % of the net revenue received from transactions on Digital Art Dealers Platform as quarterly dividend pay-outs to accounts opened by nDAD Token holders. 

The Quarterly dividend distribution will be based on the amount of nDAD Tokens that an investor holds on a pro-rata basis, on the 1st day of the months of January, April, July, October 

For clarity purposes if an nDAD Token holder sells all or part of his/her nDAD Tokens on the last calendar day of a month of December, March, June or September, he or she will only receive a pay-out distribution for the amount of nDAD Token left in the account on the 1st day of the subsequent month.


We are currently in the ITO (Initial Token Offering) stage of the nDAD Token, the Pre – Sale the key advantages are:

  1.  You purchase an NFT from Digital Art Dealers (DAD) and receive nDAD tokens (nft acts as a utility)
  2.  You are entitled to make bonuses as you refer contacts to purchase NFT’s (bonuses acts as a utility)
  3. 25% of turnover sales for DAD is earmarked for the NFT fund building value into the token (NFT fund acts as a utility) 

The idea behind this strategy is to make the nDAD token attractive before listing and build a strong community around it.   We will during this period invest in NFT products and NFT projects to build value to the token economics.  Use these investments as a part of our marketing strategy so that the maximum amount of noise is created before we do our listing.   We believe this will have a positive influence on the Token price and as a result the demand to own nDAD tokens.

Early investor ROI example:

Our most exclusive NFT collection is the Gold Hat NFT at $5000, you receive the NFT plus 100,000 nDAD tokens (valued at $0.05), value at listing will be $0.50, value of tokens will be $50,000.  The vision is to create long term token holders that will gain maximum value from the high dividend payouts going forward.  Please remember that our NFT’s are priced from $125 to $5,000.

Every great company needs a plan and a road map to set out its direction and intentions and have goals to work towards and these are just some of ours……



✅ NFTDAD Website Launch


✅ Digital Art Dealers 1,000 ✅ Start investing in our NFT-Fund


✅ Listing DAD Tokens at $0,50 per Token ✅ Digital Art Dealers: 10,000 ✅ Invested Capital: $1.51M ✅ DAD Token Dividend: $0.004


✅ Digital Art Dealers: 25,000 ✅ Invested Capital: $3.79M ✅ DAD Token Dividend: $0.012

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