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Artist of the Month: February - 2022


DAD’s First Artist of the Month: Ahmed Baloch

Congratulations Ahmed, on becoming the first ever Artist of the month for DAD! We are really looking forward to adding your NFT’s to our portfolio and we would like to tell our community about you, as some will be lucky enough to own one of your NFT’s!
Q: So, Ahmed tell us a little bit about yourself? Hi, my name is Ahmed I am 24 years old and I was born and raised in Hyderabad, Pakistan. My father is a simple man working as a gardening organiser and my mom is a house wife, we are a simple middle-class family, three sisters and 3 brothers, I am the youngest in the brothers.
Q: Could you tell The Art Dealer’s about your professional Background? I have a BTech in Civil Technology, in the field of drafting, cartography, traffic technology and the analysis of construction materials to support IT construction and engineering. My work achievements to date are being selected as a visual artist for Ave Fenix in the USA, a digital marketer for a company called Ecom converter, and working in Amazon in whole sale and private labelling.
Q: What do you think about the NFT space? The NFT space is a big opportunity to show case talent and I am very excited about it because the future is very much virtual and digital.
Q: And, what about the NFT future? In my country Pakistan, very few people know about this space and I would like to help people to understand and show how this works and how you can even make a living from this technology, my aspiration is to be the first globally recognised Pakistani NFT artist.
Q: Can you share your thoughts about DAD? DAD is a real platform for up and coming NFT Artists and I feel blessed to be selected as the first Artist of the Month. There is so much talent that goes unrecognised, especially in my country, where the opportunities open to young people are so less. I’m so happy to be a part of DAD and what they are trying to create, a fair company that will help people and show case hidden talent.
Q: Tell us about your NFT idea? The idea behind the Dastardly Mutts Collection really just came to me when I was thinking of my childhood and my first puppy. I wanted to make a collection of dogs that were naughty, full of life but also had a sophisticated side to them.
Q: What inspired you to call it “the out of this world” edition? The Out of this World Edition are dogs named after planets in our solar system tying man’s best friend back to man’s mission to explore and conquer the universe and do something ‘out of this world’! This is my first NFT edition and I hope to expand this collection and have lots of other ideas I am working on.
Q: Any future Aspirations you’d like to share with DADs? I want to grow with the world and achieve many successes and learn new things to make myself a better man in every situation and path in my life.
Thank you so much for the chat we are proud to have you onboard and congratulations once again for being selected as the Artist of the month.
Remember on our Grand opening DayThe out of this world edition Pluto”, will be sold to the first 10 investors who purchase a Blue Hat.
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